This is what my boss expects from me ... and what I expect from the people who work for me:
  1. Consistently meet goals and objectives of my group through effective project planning and management.
  2. Recognize the importance of customer service.  Look for, and suggest, ways to improve or expand service to customers.
  3. Consistently follow through on assignments and meet deadlines.
  4. Understand the importance of, and demonstrate the ability to be a team player at all times.  Demonstrate positive work relations with other managers and cooperation with other groups at all times.
  5. Demonstrate appropriate and effective communication skills both within and outside the department.
  6. Instill a shared purpose in your team that falls within the departmental mission and goals.  Motivate and assist staff in reaching their fullest potential.  Be an effective leader.
  7. Demonstrate flexibility to make changes as needed or as directed by management.
  8. Prioritize tasks and solve problems independently.
  9. Monitor progress of projects and give ongoing feedback to management as appropriate.
  10. Demonstrate loyalty and commitment to OIT both within and outside the department at all times.
Last modified October 19, 1998